Interested applicants must be seeking a High School Diploma or G.E.D, has a sincere desire and compassion for assisting others, and commit to regular attendance. Participants who complete the program will receive a certificate

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Wilson's Training and Consulting Services, Inc. (WTACS)

Service-Disabled Veteran Minority and Woman Owned Small Business Non-Profit

Classes are held at the main training cite: Foundation for Contemporary Mental Health (PIDARC), 2112 F Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20037.

(202) 483-4263/(240) 401-7781

Wilson's Training and Consulting Services is Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) by the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC)

Accepted by the District of Columbia Health Professionals Licensing Administration (DCHPLA)

Corporate Office: 41 New York Ave NW.

Washington, DC 20001-1256

Office: (202) 483-4263/240-401-7781

Email: quinatags12@aol.com President

Email: Monique.wilson97@yahoo.com Vice President

Email: Leonard0304@yahoo.com Trainer

Revised 10.28.2014


Here at Wilson’s Training and Consulting Services, Inc. (WTACS) Addictions Counseling Training and Educational Certificate Program we strive to meet the learning needs of all students by ensuring that the curriculum offers a coherent course of study yet remains flexible enough to allow for differentiation according to student’s needs. In addition to this academic goal, we are committed to creating a safe, respectful learning environment for all students. To that end, our educational programs have adopted a number of policies and procedures to ensure that all participants and staff members understand what is expected of them.


The goal of the program is to enhance the skills of persons who have the compassion to assist families and individuals who are suffering from addictions and to infuse our neighborhoods with appropriately trained counselors and mentors who can liberate communities from their suffering and restore a spiritual and moral foundation. All participants in our training program will receive training in the Twelve Core Functions of Addictions Counseling, Drug Education, Oral Presentation, Trauma and Chaos, as well as Ethics and Rules for Federal Confidentiality requirements.

WTACS Counseling Training Services offers core courses that prepare our clients for Levels I and/or Level II Certified Counselors examinations, Prevention Specialist certification examination, and the Peer Support Specialist Certificate. We offer outpatient counseling referral services to persons seeking recovery from illicit substance use. WTACS understands that substance abuse is one of the most pervasive health and human service challenges facing our society. Accordingly, our courses and seminars reflect the highest standards and most recent developments in the field of addictions counseling and training.


We seek interested persons whom possess a sincere desire and compassion for assisting others, and willing to participate in an ongoing learning experience. WTACS specialize in Substance Abuse and Addiction Services. As an educational institution we have combined over 25 years of experience in providing human development and consulting services. Our mission is to provide training and career development services that enhance the knowledge, skills and competencies of substance abuse specialist, health care professionals, educators and other human services providers.

We also provide counseling referral services for persons suffering with substance use dependence and other related disorders. WTACS associate staff and consultants are drawn from the disciplines of psychology, education, allied health, sociology, medicine and social work. Our instructional design, addictions counseling referrals services, educational seminars, workshops, and technological support capabilities allows WTACS to address a broad range of issues related to substance abuse counseling, treatment and prevention. WTACS service providing capabilities are enhanced by our working relationships with learning institutions, federal and local government agencies, the private sector and community-based organizations.

We believe that strong collaborative relationships are crucial to developing and implementing cost effective, quality services that promote growth and social wellness. We are guided by an operating philosophy that dictates that we:


*Design and deliver high quality services.
*Provide follow-up evaluation and consultation



In any society, there is a critical balance to be struck between freedom and responsibility. We seek to achieve this balance through the daily implementation of the guidelines stated on our website. Each year our program is reviewed and updated to reflect changes in State and Federal law as well as recently enacted legal policies. Please familiarize yourself with our website contents and help us make WTACS a place of which we can all be proud.

Best Wishes,

Monique Wilson, MBA, MPA, BA Psychology